• Visit Date: Sunday 24th September 2023
  • Restaurant: The Ritz
  • Address: 150 Piccadilly, London, W1J 9BR

I love The Ritz. It is such a beautiful experience every single time, and it is consistently excellent. I interviewed Chef John this year on my podcast, if you have not listened to it, you need to, link above, he is an absolutely legend and a gem. Such a gorgeous lunch, with great company being Andy Hayler, who has long been championing The Ritz, and Hsien my gourmand friend too.

This is my third time eating here now and I can’t wait to be back, which will be on Christmas Day itself with my boys. Tune in for that. 

To start, Parmesan Mousse, Kalamata Black Olive and Basil, and Duck Liver Parfait, Sour Cherry and Yoghurt. So much skill, technique and love here which goes into every bite.

Beef Tartare. This is such a treat every time, whipped crème fraiche piped into the centre, with a small piece of oyster leaf in the base, topped with beef tartare and Oscietra caviar.

Isle of Mull Scallop, Avocado and Citrus. A thin jelly made from rice wine, topped with fresh bee pollen, hysopp flowers and shizo flowers. This was a fantastic and clean fresh dish. 

Ballotine of Duck Liver, Damson and Pistachio, with the most incredible brioche. They are hitting two star level here, and have been for a while and this dish exudes it. 

Heritage Potato , Oyster and Crème Crue. The potato is cooked in kombu and wakame butter, the sauce made with shallots, kombu, white wine and peppercorns. The oysters poached lightly in champagne and dressed verjus glaze, chive curls and cornflower. A light and delicious potato tuille and chive oil. Just an expectational dish, it could even have done without the oysters as the potato dish alone was stand out. 

Langoustine à la nage and bronze fennel. This is still one of my absolute favourite dishes of all time, it is absolutely timeless.

Anjou Pigeon, A la Presse . I love the theatre of this so very much. So much to take in, and this adds to the whole experience, with the friendly and professional front of house team, wonderful humour and I got to enjoy the extra pigeon breast for me too. The sauce is just stunning. 

Yoghurt Chantilly, Asti and Lime. Great palate cleanser, loved it.

Cocoa and Nibs, Dark Chocolate and Caramel. I was totally full by this stage but the bites I did manage were delicious. 

If you have never been, you absolutely must book and go. 

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Justine Murphy