Justine Murphy CEO

Justine Murphy is a successful entrepreneur who wears many hats and is hugely inspiring to others with her dedication to hard work, passion and vision.

After working as a private chef on superyachts, she fell head over heels in love with the island of Mallorca, where she started mymuybueno and settled for many years before the world and her own shifted so dramatically with the pandemic. She had to adapt and evolve, and returned to London permanently, where she lives with her two sons. Our new mymuybueno HQ is located in Hammersmith, which is where Justine was born, so she has come full circle and busy building everything back better.

With a passion for food and people, her vision of creating mymuybueno, as an umbrella brand and business was vast, and one that encapsulates all of her core values, expertise, and experience. Founded in 2011, mymuybueno is celebrating ten years as a successful international company and brand. Building her career as an entrepreneur, Justine is a highly notable crew agent in the superyacht community with what is now the largest private chef agency in the globe and is on speed dial to many high-net-worth clientele for their chef needs for their superyachts and private homes around the world.
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She has evolved her cookery school into what is now our online culinary academy. Making it pandemic proof, and accessible to chefs and cooks globally. mymuybueno Academy of Culinary Arts has Michelin star Guest Chefs sharing their signature dishes, such as Gareth Ward and James Knappett, alongside our House Chefs who work on superyachts sharing bespoke courses and skills and techniques. There is something for everyone, with unlimited access, meaning each student can learn at their own speed.

Justine manages all other areas of mymuybueno, and as CEO is dedicated to working hard to continue building her company and brand, always learning, she recently trained at Condé Nast in creative direction. She is also a cookbook author, podcast host, has two successful Instagram communities online and a respected presence within hospitality with chefs and restaurants worldwide, as well as with women in business. mymuybueno is a brand recognised across both the superyacht, luxury and hospitality industry as being synonymous with exceptional standards and true quality, with a USP that is truly unique to the driving force that is Justine Murphy.

Overcoming adversity and led by vision for creating a company and a community with her core values at the heart of it.

Born in London in 1980, Justine’s childhood was one full of extreme adversity. The only underlying thread of good in her life – from the first person to show her genuine love, to the jobs that enabled her freedom, friendships, and the possibility of belief in a happier life – was linked, in some way or another, to food, and it was from this that her passion for good food, and everything it represents, was born. 

Carving a successful career for herself in restaurant management from a young age, it was when she was 25 – following years in which she had continued to endure significant hardship – that she finally left the UK to pursue her dream of becoming a private chef and seeing the world. 

She ventured into the super yacht industry in 2006, where she spent six years cooking for some of the world’s most influential people as their private chef. It was a career that led to her meeting her husband and wanting to step off yachts and start creating the bubbling vision she had for mymuybueno, before undergoing her most important role, as a mother.

Utilising her experience and expertise from her time working in the superyacht industry, Justine saw opportunity in the market to fill, and wanted to start her own company so that she could become a mother and work simultaneously setting her own rules and is very much a benchmark of inspiration for other working mothers, and that you can absolutely do it all.

Along the way there have been many turbulent times, and further huge hurdles, such as the traumatic birth of her first son, which resulted in his Erb’s Palsy, a disability causing paralysis of the arm due to the excessive force at delivery, which he will have for life, physio and operations have been ongoing throughout the years. The Erb’s Palsy Group is a charity very close to Justine’s heart, and one she supports to raise awareness about this unknown avoidable disability for expectant mothers, and because she is forever grateful for their help and involvement in the early months of getting a diagnosis and urgent surgery which has helped provide some movement.

The pandemic meant huge changes within the company structure, having to move her home and family, lose a great many of her team, and close many sites and divisions that she had spent years building up, with further hurdles to follow, Justine continues to work even harder and push forward, adapting, evolving and navigating with her business no matter what is thrown at her.

The foundation of her business is centred around the very things that had enabled her to heal; good food and good people. And it is this that is still at the very core of all that she does and works to today, and by staying true to this, and by marching to the beat of her own drum, she continues to hugely inspire others with her resilience and authenticity.


CODE Hospitality Award Winner

Justine has won Leader of the Year. Code Hospitality’s Women of the Year 2023. The criteria for a Leader being, A source of advice and inspiration; creating opportunities for others to succeed.

"Justine’s unwavering standards are never compromised, and she makes a conscious personal decision to only ever work with people who share the same values and ethics that she strives hard for."


mymuybueno was founded in 2011 with very little capital and is absolute proof that you can achieve anything you want in this world if you have a dream, a vision, and are prepared to work hard.

Justine is a multi-hyphenate who wears many hats: CEO, chef, crew agent, mymuybueno Academy of Culinary Arts principal, broker, author, podcast host, creative director, successful entrepreneur, and her most important role, as mother to her two boys. It is thanks to her unbounded motivation, dedication, and passion that she can juggle them all seamlessly and shares her journey in doing so, openly and vulnerably, in order to inspire, strengthen, and support other women in business too.

“She takes pride in being able to truly recognise and represent chefs based on their talent and merit, to handle their own careers as chefs for the long term.”

“Justine takes pride in being able to truly recognise and represent chefs based on their talent and merit, as to handle their own careers as chefs for the long term.”

Justine has created something incredibly special with mymuybueno. Not just an incredible company but most importantly a community with many threads of chefs in the culinary world, private chefs on superyachts and land, foodies and also women and mothers.

With an ever-growing network of chefs across the world in her agency, her culinary community, and restaurant visits, she has developed relationships with these chefs to support them and be able to share their talent with others, including Tom Aikens, Daniel Clifford and Adam Handling through having them as guest chefs to her Online Culinary Academy.

Initially self-taught, she absorbed and learnt through books and short courses, before carrying out her Cordon Bleu classical training many years later. She also fulfilled her love of Thai cookery through completion of a diploma in Bangkok, Thailand.

Justine has been exposed to an extremely high standard of culinary expertise throughout her career, which has not only expanded her own knowledge, but is also an integral part of what makes her chef agency selection process so successful and her role as a go to agent for chefs and clients around the world.

Daniel Clifford

"It’s not every day that you come across someone with as much drive and energy as Justine. She is a force to be reckoned with, so passionate about everything she does and determined to make a success of her many businesses."


From the outset, Justine’s vision was for multiple divisions, all connected by the common theme of good food and good people, with exceptionally high-standards and a personal touch.

And to not only connect the divisions through the consistency of these values, but to also connect a wider community, both in the luxury sector and the culinary world, this vision, Justine’s passion and determination, her ethos and core values, together, make mymuybueno truly unique.

She has spent time travelling the world over the past ten years, visiting and Michelin star establishments to both improve her palate and knowledge of current trends, as well as to connect with the world’s most accomplished chefs, building relationships and further connecting the mymuybueno growing chef and foodie community, and sharing her experiences and inspiring others. You can see all of the recent restaurant visits here

She envisioned making world-class chefs accessible, which she has succeeded in doing by not only bringing them to her Online Culinary Academy, but by featuring them on her increasingly popular social media platforms: sharing their own inspirations in chef interviews for mymuybueno Chefs Get Personal and through the widespread following on mymuybueno Chefs on Instagram with a vast following and the growing use of the hashtag #mymuybuenochefs connecting chefs and foodies across the globe to inspire one another through the sharing of their plated dishes.

Tom Aikens

‘Justine juggles many balls in the air, from looking after her two boys as well as all her different businesses. Justine does not have a slow down or stop button, she is very focused on making the mymuybueno brand a very well recognized company that is known for very high standards in everything she runs. It’s her passion and drive that makes her such a success.’


Hugely passionate about sharing and championing women and to share all she has learnt on her journey as a woman in business, as well as the hurdles that life and motherhood have brought and continue to bring along the way.

Using her own story and drawing on the experience of building mymuybueno from the ground up, to inspire and help others. 

She created her mymuybueno Women in Business network many years ago, which continues to run in Mallorca, where she has brought women on the island together to share, encourage and empower one another.

This has since evolved into her hugely popular and very accessible podcast, continuing the same focus and vision. Reaching number one in the Business and Entrepreneur charts multiple times each season, knocking Tim Ferris off the top spot twice. Bringing on different guests from all over the world to share their own journey as women in business, covering topics that Justine wants to shine light on, her straight talking and vulnerable sharing, have set it apart.

You can listen and subscribe to the mymuybueno Women in Business Podcast here.

Now an author too, of The mymuybueno Cookbook, in which Justine shares all of her favourite recipes for every day eating in your busy life, refined sugar-free, with plant-based desserts and good food. She also shares her own story, inspirations, and tips for juggling the many challenges of modern life, further closing the loop on everything that mymuybueno stands for. 

Through her podcast, book, social media and more, Justine continues to inspire as she shares her journey, her ambition, and her authenticity with others.

Available on Amazon,  Amazon UK as well as Waterstones.

Justine’s unwavering standards are never compromised, and she makes a conscious personal decision to only ever work with people who share the same good values. Her extraordinary success of all divisions within the mymuybueno umbrella are proof of her commitment to upholding her standards, and her unwavering belief in her vision.