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The mymuybueno cookbook

Start your day, the mymuybueno way with 160 delicious and healthy refined sugar-free recipes.

Our Founder

Justine Murphy is a successful entrepreneur who divides her time between Mallorca and London.  She is passionate about food and people. Driven by personal experience, Justine had a big dream encapsulating both of her passions and she founded mymuybueno in 2011.

mymuybueno is now an international company and brand, with seven divisions in the luxury food and lifestyle sector, and a strong reputation for high standards and quality.


Born in London in November 1980, Justine was fascinated by business and food from an early age. At age 14, she worked part time in a local shellfish bar in Cornwall while at school, and she continued to work in the evenings in hotels and restaurants on front of house. She had a difficult childhood, and by age 16 moved back to London and lived on her own, she left her studies as to support herself, sparking her instinct for entrepreneurship.

Following her love for food and people meant she naturally pursued a career in restaurant management, and by 17 years old, she was the youngest female assistant manager within the restaurant group she worked. Justine has been cooking her whole life, and has always loved learning and developing her skills, as well as eating at the best restaurants the world has to offer. Nothing relaxes her more each day, than cooking for her family and friends, reading cookbooks and roaming food markets being inspired. She spent many years managing restaurants and then followed her dream and heart as to carve a career as a chef, and see the world.

In 2006, she ventured into the super yacht industry and spent six years cooking for some of the world’s most influential people as their private chef. It was here that she met her husband in 2008, and they married in 2010. By this time the island of Mallorca had won her heart also, which in turn became the inspiration, and foundation for mymuybueno, based on her expertise and experience and her vision to build her company connecting good food and good people together.


Justine founded mymuybueno in 2011 with very little capital and is absolute proof that you can do anything you want in this world if you have a dream and vision and are prepared to work very hard as to make that all come to life. She is a huge ambassador for inspiring others to do the same. Justine wears many hats, entrepreneur, CEO, Mother to her two young sons, Cookery School Principal, Agent and Chef.


Justine adores to cook, initially self taught, she has been inspired by many chefs worldwide over the years, and taken many short courses. She has an excellent eye for plated cuisine based on her own knowledge of cooking, skill and technique, as well as experiencing a vast selection of restaurants.

She is exposed to a high standard of culinary expertise, which makes her knowledge vast and an integral part of her selection process is what makes it work so well for chef selection. Working with chefs throughout the globe, she is always learning more, and is always improving her own skills and techniques. She always strives for more, which will boost her own personal and professional growth, as well as enhance her vision and everything she has ahead. In 2016 when building her cookery school, she went away to become Cordon Bleu classically trained, and she is continuously learning from the guest chefs who come through her school doors to teach.

“She is exposed to a high standard of culinary expertise, which makes her knowledge vast and an integral part of her selection process is what makes it work so well for chef selection.”

Justine has spent time travelling the world, writing reviews of Michelin star establishments to improve her palate and knowledge of current trends in flavour and skill. Connecting with the very chefs accomplishing the stars and building relationships that will be beneficial to all involved.

Sharing her experiences from the perspective of a chef, and someone who knows the industry well, and upholds very high standards, mean that her reviews are honest, well respected and on point. mymuybueno is a very unique company and concept, and Justine’s vision is to continue to excite and inspire and connect others and build something very special.


Justine’s passion for the business and understanding of her individual clients needs, means mymuybueno provides a truly bespoke service that takes into account each person’s specific requirements. Each division is a company of its own and running each individual company with the very same ethos is a vital part of Justine’s vision. Her goal is to lead mymuybueno into the luxury food and lifestyle market, an make mymuybueno a name that people know and trust, synonymous with the culinary world, in an association with excellence and to dominate the field of fine food, chef expertise and luxury lifestyle management.

Providing carefully matched private chefs worldwide to royal families, dignitaries, high net worth families and individuals and also high profile celebrities. She works closely with private and charter super yachts, households, private villas, luxury chalets and much more. Proud to have made her chef agency the first boutique chef only agency of it’s kind, to be MCA accredited and MLC 2006 certified. This means that mymuybueno Private Chefs uphold the highest standards and procedures as to meet MCA/MLC requirements for our selection process of private chefs on super yachts.

“Justine takes pride in being able to truly recognise and represent chefs based on their talent and merit, as to handle their own careers as chefs for the long term.”

It is with the same exorbitantly high standards, and attention to detail that our Lifestyle division operates. Justine fully understands the style, comfort and security our members require and have comprehensive services in place as to meet her clients high expectations. Upholding high standards and looking after the individual, is very important to Justine and is very much ingrained in our staff training, as to ensure all at mymuybueno operate with the same level of dedication and commitment. We pride ourselves on having an uncompromising determination to achieve excellence in everything we undertake, this carries across to the our Luxuryware division also.

It is Justine’s own recipes in that make up our Deli menu, and her hard work and dedication to each other division, and high standards to ensure we work with the right people in other areas at all times, from the best quality suppliers, through to our bank, accountants, designers, developers and much more. Justine’s unwavering standards are never compromised, and she makes a conscious personal decision to only ever work with people who share the same good values, and this in turn crosses over into her business values. It is her belief that this plays a huge part in her success. Justine’s cookbook is available to pre-order on Amazon UK now, and will be published in April 2020.


Justine’s dynamic life sees her successfully balance motherhood and her multiple businesses. Justine is mother to two boys, born in 2013 and 2015. They are her whole word and the heart of everything she does. She loves being able to build her dream and her business around being her own boss, she sets her own hours, dividing her time between raising and nurturing her children, and growing her business, vision and brand. Justine says, ‘With hard work, lots of passion, a love for what you do, and a big dream, anything is possible.’

Justine is passionate about campaigning and building inspiration for women and most especially mothers who work, worldwide. Her belief that anyone that has a dream, can achieve it, through hard work, dedication, and passion. She has a fire in her belly for her vision of mymuybueno, and has built and runs her businesses while being a dedicated and loyal mother, and has proven that you can do both.

She aims to continue to inspire others to follow their heart, and set an example of how to achieve that. Justine’s own core values are firmly ingrained into mymuybueno, these are Pride, Integrity, Ambition, Passion and Love. She strongly believes you can achieve anything you want in this world, if you are willing to work hard for it. With a strong presence on social media, which provides a behind the scenes into her life both personally and professionally, she is exciting and inspiring for all walks of life who are following the daily growth of her vision.

Justine holds a monthly event, growing a special community together.  mymuybueno Women in Business Breakfast to bring women together in Mallorca, to inspire, share, support and motivate one another. She hosts the event each month, inviting different guest speakers to share their own journey’s in business, networking and a different topic to discuss as a group too.

She also holds her own mymuybueno Women in Business Day once a year to share her own personal story, to help to inspire others by her experiences, how she has overcome many adversities in order to achieve her goals. She also shares her business methods and experience as an entrepreneur, talks vulnerably about the ups and downs, her social media, managing an umbrella brand, and shares it all her formulas and methods which work. Justine motivates and inspires women, and installs in them the same energy, excitement and more to implement in their own lives to better enhance them. The next event is 1st February 2020. To book your ticket, contact [email protected]

Justine is passionate about raising awareness of Erbs Palsy, a disability that is largely unknown due to the nature of its circumstance.  It is an injury caused in childbirth whereby the baby is delivered with such excessive force, the nerves inside the brachial plexus are damaged. Her first born had multiple nerves snapped, which resulted in a paralysed right arm. Since a major surgery at four months old as to take donor nerves from both his legs, he has been given some limited movement. He has since had another operation as to try and provide more, and this will be the case as he continues to grow. This means daily physiotherapy is part of family life as to keep his arm supple. Being positive always is vital, and makes for a greater encouragement for him and his future. She is an advocate for working in the face of adversary about disability and removing the stigma that surrounds it and the challenges it may bring. She is ever more determined to provide a good quality life for her family, a legacy for her children, and to always raise awareness about this completely avoidable injury, as well as offer support and assistance to families affected. She has set up a support group in Mallorca and has helped many families to date with putting them in the right direction to get the urgent help required before any chance of mobility in the arm diminishes. She uses her growing social media presence as a platform to raise awareness, which once again has helped others.

Justine’s husband Paul joined mymuybueno as a Director in 2014, and he is responsible for the finance, compliance and project management departments within the company.  By joining the business, he is a constant supporter of Justine’s vision and dream, an anchor in her world, and all that she does. He is her best friend, and her most trusted steadfast advisor.

Justine is the face and the heart of the mymuybueno, she takes immense pride taking the time to build the right team of people to become part of the company, and as such our staff, are part of the mymuybueno family.

For Justine, she has no set working hours, as her life is divided between mymuybueno and her family and she constantly flits between both, believing there is no such thing as a work life balance, this just is her world and she dedicates herself 100% to both.  There is no day off from either, and that is just the way she likes it.

Justine continues to grow her young dynamic company, building the brand, setting standards, pushing boundaries, inspiring others, and rolling out her dream as to be the best she can be for herself and those around her.